ROCCAPINA presents a collection of high quality summer sandals handmade in San Mauro Pascoli, Italy.
The label fills a gap in the market for simple-to-wear, elegant sandals with embellishments,
designed to instantly create a polished look. Designed for women like us,
that struggle to find sophisticated pieces, that easily complement their favourite wardrobe staples and
elevate their casual look without feeling overdressed.
Reflecting life and travels between Europe and Australia the label combines fine Italian leathers
with thoughtfully embellished fabrics, Swarovski crystals and rhinestones.
ROCCAPINA Shoes was founded by Melanie Lia, a German with Australian roots, Mum, Sunseeker, Beachlover, Globetrotter, and… passionate Dreamer.
Following her professional background working in luxury lifestyle and accessories,
she moved to Italy to pursue her passion for footwear design and production.
Womens Sandals Australia Designer ROCCAPINA made in Italy

“I just knew that I wanted something more polished than rubber thongs and platform wedges were not for me. Expensive high end designer sandals were not in my budget so why not design sophisticated sandals, that easily complement my favourite wardrobe staples. Ultimately I wanted sandals that were comfortable and affordable but chic and special enough to elevate my casual summer style without feeling overdressed,” says Melanie.


  • Pili

    “They are my absolute favourite sandals now – I wear them all the time“
  • Birgit

    “I have been looking for something like this forever. They are so refined and elegant, I’ve never seen something like this in shops anywhere.“
  • Chris

    “I am so happy I got them, they are gorgeous.“


ROCCAPINA sandals are made by hand.

We design shoes based on the slow fashion principle. We do not produce several collections each year but timeless editions with a focus on quality rather than newness. A big part of ROCCAPINA’s philosophy is supporting small experienced family businesses. Our artisan factory is based in San Mauro Pascoli, a remote town on the Adriatic Coast in Italy. We know the craftsmen personally and they are passionate about their work and have decades experience working with luxury brands. 

Our shoes are built on Italian lasts that we have developed with highly experienced craftsmen. They ensure a beautiful shape, fit and feel.

We have designed every ROCCAPINA jewelled sandal with comfort and elegance in mind. We created a sole that is both stylish and comfortable and made of high quality Italian leather.

For our editions 2018 we have released a limited edition range of flat thong sandals and classic t-strap styles.

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