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If you’re looking for footwear production information and support, or need shoe designer business templates such as designer sales sheets or production costing sheets, we’ve got you covered.


Working with independet designer labels across footwear and bags, ROCCAPINA STUDIOS has strong experience in luxury footwear and bags market. We have started to support clients with regards to helping them manoveur processes in the shoe industry and project manage shoe development. 

We work are collaborating with an Italian studio Tecnico that has decades of experience and contacts within the footwear and bag manufacturing industry and work with small brands, new founders, designers, retailers and wholesalers. We help navigate the process from design through to production. 

Footwear Accessories and Designer Bags 

Footwear Accessories and Designer BagsItalian Sandals For Women Leather Thongs Blush 3

ROCCAPINA is based in San Mauro Pascoli, Italy, and Sydney, Australia. 

With ROCCAPINA Studios and the studio Tecnico we combine 15 years+ experience in luxury and fashion marketing and digital knowledge with decades of experience in footwear and bag production working with exceptional artisans and Italian family factories. The studio currently works with clients from Australia, USA, Italy and many others.

We also support small businesses to get started with their shoe line. We do this by sharing tools and information such as business templates, we provide business consultation and project managment services in Italy and online. We know what it takes to get started in the footwear business and understand the problems and questions you are facing. We hope with our guidance and resources we’ll help you build your shoe business the way you imagine it. We have experience working with Italian producers mainly but also connections in Portugal and experience working with producers in China. Our studio is based in San Mauro Pascoli and Sydney, Australia. Ready to get started? Feel free to Email us 

Below you’ll find a selection of important business tools to get you started.