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Sandals with crystal-embellishment are not easy to make

Embellished Sandals Gold Swarovski Crystals Flat by ROCCAPINA

How to make embellished sandals

Making a beautiful simple leather sandal in Italy is not easy. Now try making a beautiful leather sandal crystal-embellished with jewels. Of course the industry offer many options that you can purchase such a pre-designed embellished shoe chains which you can purchase made in Italy or pick the more economic Asian variations. 

But we wanted to place single stones anywhere on our beautiful Italian leather. Like here with these pearl-embellished flat sandals. Or even place them on metallic leather. 

And that’s a real challenge.

Not just because you have to find the most suitable settings to apply them. But you have to find a shoe producer that knows how to embellish shoes. 

This is where shoe production gets even harder. And yes – making a beautiful sandal is already quite hard.

Not every producer can do this kind of quality artisan work. And many even told us that in fact it’s not possible to embellish metallic leathers if you want to set crystals and rhinestones directly onto the leather. In fact we have spoke with a producer in Portugal that had tried designing shoes like this for a well-known shoe brand. But he had to admit – they failed.

So eventually we met with the right people who were able to offer this kind of work. We were lucky to find this company that works with luxury brands such as Christian Louboutin or Valentino. But as you can imagine, small brands like us come last. So aside from the production, this is another price that we had to pay. The processes involved are lengthy and complicated. Some parts need to be stitched to the uppers, some glued, some treated in a special way. Ideally you have to be available locally at all times to ensure all steps are followed as they should. And to follow up on production. Always. All the time. Constantly.

But – I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

The reason ROCCAPINA produces this kind of jeweled flat sandals is because I was not able to find it in the marketplace at an affordable price. And with every new season we are looking for new ways to perfect our production and offer an even better price for these delicately embellished sandals.


PS. If you want to find out more about shoe production, here is a crafty little website I came across that offers great tutorials on shoemaking 

  Embellished Sandals Gold Swarovski Crystals Flat by ROCCAPINA


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