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Your Personal Stylist

How A Wardrobe Overhaul Can Elevate Your Style

Transform your bedroom into a personal boutique

There comes a time in many of our lives when we resign ourselves to the fact that our sense of personal fashion is no match for the image we seek to put forward. The morning routine of rushing to find something to wear before quickly heading out the door, selecting the same go-to outfits that ‘work’, and feeling lack-luster about our wardrobe choice half way through the day becomes all too familiar. After countless hours of staring blankly into our closets, willing new stylish outfit combinations to appear out of the same pieces we’ve been wearing for years, we accept the fact that we need assistance.

As many individuals grow accustom to hiring outside services to take care of their significant tasks, so too are busy men and women leaving their wardrobes in the hands of professionals. When the desire to cultivate and fine-tune a style and look of their own, they call in the big guns: a professional personal stylist to take care of it all.

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Having never worked with someone who shops for a living, most people have no idea what’s in store for them when they first hire a stylist. Reality television shows conjures up images of tough critics keen on throwing out majority of what we own without hesitation. Social media and fashion influencers on the other hand raise dreaded fears of being pushed into over-the-top items that we’ll never actually wear.

MiKADO, the Los Angeles-based personal styling firm, has made it their mission to not only take on the fashion needs and challenges of their clients, ensuring they always look and feel their best, but also to alleviate the stress and draining time components that come with creating and maintaining an individual style of our own. No longer a service reserved for celebrities and A-listers, busy corporate executives, working parents and people who just need help feeling confident about their wardrobe choices are now also letting pros take control of their closets. We’re hiring professionals to help in just about every area of our lives now, why not also our clothing?

Elevate Your Style

The process begins with an in-home consultation and a chance to collect as much information as possible. Stylists guide you through pointed questions and visual fashion-references, collect sizing information, and determine your personal aesthetic, all in an effort to thoroughly understand your needs. You can expect to dig into all areas of your life and the role fashion plays in each one, as your stylist learns how they can help you achieve your personal style goals.

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Next comes the closet overhaul and the opportunity to look in detail at what you currently own. Unlike the much-dreaded television spectacle, you’ll make collaborative decisions with your stylist regarding what to keep and what to get rid of so that you’re never left parting with items you truly love. In an item-by-item analysis, you’ll determine whether clothing is no longer a match with the look you’re aiming to achieve, needs some dry cleaning or tailoring to be brought back to life, or is a great fit for your new approach to dressing. With a trimmed down closet complete, stylists can identify where the missing pieces are and help to create a shopping list of items to round out your selection.

Now that you’ve brought in an expert to tackle this project, you’ll no longer have to find time to visit the mall or hunt through overwhelming department stores, only to come home with something similar to what you already own. Your stylist takes care of all the shopping on your behalf, finding things that match your preferences and satisfying all the needs on your list. Newly purchased clothing is brought to your home for you to try at leisure at a time that suits your schedule.

Ever dreamt of trying on new clothing while sipping champagne? You can expect your bedroom to be transformed into a personal boutique with racks adorned in carefully chosen items just for you and bubbly on hand to cheers with your spouse, best-friend or anyone else you’d like to invite to your in-home fitting. Your stylist will guide you through options they’ve chosen to meet your specific goals and criteria to elevate your style, and will provide expert suggestions on how new clothing pairs with what you currently own. You’ll decide whichever items you wish to purchase, resulting in an expertly curated wardrobe without ever having left your home.

Lookbooks Elevate Your Style Mikado

While having stylish new clothing is a great first step on the journey to perfecting your personal style, knowing how to mix and match it is a whole different obstacle. To finish off the process, your stylist will create a visual look book or catalogue filled with endless outfit combinations made from your new purchases. No longer will you have to frantically stress over finding something to wear to the office in the morning, or figure out how to dress up your denim for a date night, now with the flip of a page you’ll have access to outfits for all areas of your lifestyle made up of the items in your own closet.

Feeling great about the clothing you’re wearing every day, as a reflection of your inner most confident self, is the ultimate goal in working with a stong personal stylist who understands your goals and with whom you trust. No longer feeling the burdensome stress of shopping and maintaining your closet is a very close second.


Mikado is a full service Personal Styling firm handling all the shopping and fashion needs of busy individuals who value well-kept wardrobes. The goal is to take care of everything style related on behalf of their customers, providing them with time saving services, ensure they always look and feel their best, and equip them with the necessary skills to dress well with ease – all while never having to leave their home.

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