How To Get Your Feet Beach Ready This Summer

Get ready for a lesson in beautifying your feet. This is one sparkle routine you don’t want to miss.

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Correct me if I’m wrong but feet are not necessarily our favourite body part, right? There are days when we don’t even notice them whilst they’re being hugged by our favourite Ugg boots. Though we should not forget when they hit the spotlight in summer. And whilst they certainly are never (and I mean, never) will head up my top 3 list of most attractive body parts, they certainly deserve a little attention so they can feel sexy and confident in summer. After all, we all want our feet to feel as pretty and sparkly as the shoes we’re wearing, right?
So voilà, check out my top 5 tips to get “beach ready feet”.

beach ready feet sparkle this summer

1) Exfoliation

If done regularly it will help keep your feet smooth and remove dry skin cells and counteract dry, cracked heels.

2) Moisturize daily

Yeah, I know that sounds like an awful lot of work. But once you get used to it, you won’t even notice anymore as you move from head to toe. Trust me. Ideally moisturize after the shower in the morning, or before you jump into bed at night. Use a natural oil or lotion or a heavy layer at night time.

3) Cuticles, oh yes.

Gently trim and push back but don’t cut them. Cuticle clippers are a great tool that comes in handy.

4) Pretty nail polish

I love to experiment with new nail colours every summer. Though if you’re not a natural at applying them perfectly, head into a good nail studio, this way you can take a pick at the trendiest new colours too!

5) Jewelled Nails

Did you know that fashionistas are taking the art of manicure to a whole new level these days? Nails highlighted with Swarovski crystals or jewelled with sparkly pearls and beads. It’s all out there, so don’t be shy!

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