How To Spice up Your Summer Beauty Game

Sparkly Beauty Trends Spring / Summer 2017 

If there’s one thing we learnt from the spring / summer 2017 fashion shows in New York, Milan, Paris and London, it’s that sparkly beauty trends are making a huge comeback.

Whether you add that glittery glow to your eyes, cheeks, lips, or collarbones, we think everyone needs to embrace their summer sparkle from time to time! Here are the sparkly beauty trends you’ll want to embrace in spring / summer 2017:

Sparkly Lips

Achieving this sparkly lip look is as easy as applying a matte lipstick in any shade of your choice, followed by a lip gloss and glitter powder especially designed to be worn on this area. You can simply pat the glitter dust on gently with your finger until you reach your desired amount of sparkle!

Designers such as Fendi (pictured) and DKNY recently embraced this fun trend for their spring / summer 2017 runway shows.

[Image source: The Impression]

Glittery Underliner

We’ve been seeing this makeup trend pop up regularly on Instagram of late and love the way it draws attention to the lower lash line in the most glitzy way! You simply grab a sparkly eyeliner pencil or crayon and apply it underneath your lower line of lashes in a tick and chunky line.

[Image source: Stylosophy, FoundationDegree, Nadine Beauty Forever]

Cheekbones with a Sheen

While highlighter is still the beauty product that makeup artists seem to enjoy using the most, it seems as though this look will be taken to a whole new level of ‘cheekbone sheen’ this year. We’ve spotted celebrities and models sporting shimmering cheekbones, most commonly in the shade of metallic silver.

This is one glam daytime beauty look which would go perfectly with Roccapina’s sparkly sandals!

Sparkly ‘Strobing’

According to Marie Claire, strobing is when you “apply highlighter to sculpt your face instead of contouring it with darker tones”.

Embrace sparkly strobing for spring and summer by following these simple instructions from MAC senior artist Regan Rabanal. Firstly, apply a strobing cream, then a highlighting powder, and finish by adding fine glitter powder for maximum impact. Focus on just one area for a look that isn’t too OTT, such as your eyelids, cupid’s bow, or cheekbones.

Glittery Collarbone Contouring

Let your inner sparkle shine by embracing glittery collarbone contouring. While sparkly beauty trends are certainly the go-to look for spring and summer, you don’t have to reserve the shimmer for your face only. It’s time to grab the glitter dust and draw some attention to this area with sparkle!

[Image source: Instagram]

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