Stuck In Mum Style Rut Stylish Mums share their style tips

Stuck in a mum-style rut?

5 stylish mums share their style tips

Yes, it’s true. Once your little bundle of joy arrives – everything changes. Also your style.

My personal style has definitely changed as I transitioned to life as a mum. 

We see these gorgeous Instagram-famous mum’s looking glamorous and chic almost immediately after giving birth. They look stylish and fabulous pretty much all the time and I wonder how they do it? 

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Ready to make your summer feet a lot happier?

Elegant Flat Summer Sandals Crystals Embellished, ROCCAPINA Poppy Sandals

Why Elegant Flat Summer Sandals Are The Most Versatile Pair Of Shoes

Finding the right pair of shoes, comfy and elegant at the same time, isn’t always an easy thing to do. Even the smallest of details can make a shoe feel over the top. Equally a summer sandal might seem too plain and make you feel like you are underdressed for a special occasion – like a wedding for example. So what do we do? Wear the heels, but pack the flats. However, you don’t always have to switch between flats and high heels.

We don’t need to walk in pain wearing an expensive pair of pumps or stiletto heels that will make your feet ache.

Long gone are the times that flat sandals are just plain and boring that you wear to run errands or for a casual walk on the beach. Flat sandals can be just as elegant and make your outfit stand out from the crowd.  

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Style Guide

How to Up Your Chic Factor

How to Glam Up your Look

(Photo taken from IG: lindacrush)

It’s no secret that when it comes to personal style, everything changes and evolves just as you discover bits and pieces of your own style. It’s not news that your wardrobe says a lot about your personality.  You wear your soul in the form of the clothes that you choose. Some say style cannot be taught because it’s all about discovering what works for you and what type of clothing catches your eye.

You could pull off anything with the right attitude and confidence but remember that even a single statement piece could make or break an outfit in the eyes of many, yikes! We all have that desire inside of us and want to be complimented for our style choices. To put together an excellent jaw dropping outfit is a job well done that guarantees you sparkle up your day.

Up Your Chic Factor Change Your Style Accessories

So, how do you achieve a look that promises to brighten up a long day? How do you up your chic factor? Check out these OOTD ideas that will inspire you to add some much needed sparkle in your life and get you ready to seize the day!

How to Up Your Chic Factor and Change Your Style with Accessories


Look #1 – On the go Sparkly Creative

Always out and about but never without a wandering spirit. This style speaks creative soul that gets things done while having fun exploring and being out and about. Simplicity in its purest form that everyone can pull off, a comfy chic look that never goes out of style.

A plain shirt paired with denim shorts is a staple combination that you can elevate and experiment with however you like.

Up Your Chic Factor and Change Your Style with AccessoriesAdd a basic accessory like a watch or cool pair of sunnies – or even a fedora if you’re feeling the vibe. However, don’t forget the sparkle factor that will draw eyes to that super cute outfit.

Up Your Chic Factor and Change Your Style with Accessories(Photo taken from IG: xdyonnex)

Whip out a gorgeous pair of comfy gold metallic sandals that you could wear all day long. They will add a touch of magic to complete the look.

Flat Thong Crystal Sandals Embellished Gold Metallic Leather Embellished by ROCCAPINA

Look #2 – Classy Casual

Want to dress classy and sophisticated but fit for a simple day out? Try this stunning outfit that emanates an air of confidence yet with a pop of color and a vibrant pattern. A basic look of a fitting top paired with a patterned long skirt to complement and balance with a beautiful choice of accessories.

Up Your Chic Factor and Change Your Style with Accessories

A classy shoe for the outfit will fit in just perfectly. You can accentuate your feet with crystal-embellished flats and a subtle touch of jewels to add some refinement to your outfit.

Up Your Chic Factor and Change Your Style with Accessories

(Photo taken from IG:lauralookatmyclothes)

Nothing beats the classic nude or blush leather. With a simple yet dazzling touch of sparkle you can accentuate you can up your chic factor with this lovely piece of footwear.

Up Your Chic Factor With Jewelled Sandals

Look #3 – Basic With a touch of Sparkle

Never doubt the power of a basic outfit that you can elevate with a pop of color and the right pair of shoes that will effortlessly bring together your OOTD.  Up Your Chic Factor With Accessories and Sandals

Lindacrush Up Your Chic Factor   Sparkly Sandals Flat T Strap Ankle Tie Swarovski Crystal Embellished Rose Gold Leather Belle

(Photo taken from IG: lindacrush)

These golden crystal-embellished sandals have just the right amount of sparkle to liven up even the most basic of outfits and up your chic factor.

Look #4 – Feminine Wonder woman

Embrace the wonder of pastel colors and take a walk with your feminine side by putting together an OOTD fit for a slow motion entrance anyday of the week. Be comfortable with light soft tones that are appealing and soothing to look at but at the same time incorporate your own twist with a statement accessory.

Up Your Chic Factor Change Your Style Accessories Pearls Yeeung Up Your Chic Factor Change Your Style

(Photo taken from IG: yeeungt)

Flat Thong Sandals Pearl Embellished Black Leather Ankle Tie Slingback Sparkly Maelle

Up your chic factor and choose a nice contrast with your outfit like this one with the finely beaded pearl-embellished sandals that isn’t too showy nor does it lessen the femininity of the outfit.

To all the lovely ladies reading this, flaunt your personal style and take pride in experimenting with anything that draws your eye and catches your attention. Life is too short not to have a sparkle of adventure with every step that you take and note that you are uniquely beautiful.




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Catch the Light

Sparkly Fashion Trends 2017 

There are a number of gorgeous fashion trends making waves this year, but how can you add your own unique twist to these?

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One Giant Leap For Embellished Jeans

So, let’s talk about one of the products on our trending buys list this year — embellished jeans. 

By the way, I remember the days when our mums would be sewing and sticking jewelled pieces and embroidery on our jeans jackets.. back when I was like, 14. But these funky pieces are way cooler and can totally be worn by grown-ups like us!

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Sequins.. but how?

 How to Wear Sequins

Cool Ways How to Wear Sequins

I am inspired by people who confidently wear sparkle. After all, ROCCAPINA celebrates a sparkly world inside and out. To continuously see how other women have engaged with us, sharing their photos and passion for all things sparkly and shiny, amazes us every day and we are grateful to have found such a wonderful community.

One of my favourite every day ways to add a twinkle is with sequins.

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Oh Boy, The Best Sparkly Dresses We’ve Spotted This Week

You don’t need to pull off full-look sequins in daylight hours for a little shine and glitz in your daywear. If you wear a sparkly dress and keep the rest simple, the look will feel as if you just happened to throw it on without overthinking it. So why not add sneakers or jeans to dress it down a little like @mikutas

Sparkly dresses & skirts


A photo posted by R O C C A P I N A (@roccapina_) on


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Taking Sparkly to the Streets… yay!

glam up your style with an embellished skirt crystals

How to Glam up Your Style With a Little Sparkle

Adding a little sparkle and glam doesn’t have to be time consuming. But it CAN be tricky to find the right dose of glitz and glamour for the ultimate subtle glam that doesn’t look overdone, yet makes a statement.

Whether you like full on sparkle and jewelled style or just a light touch of embellishment, it’s fun to glam up your everyday outfit.

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Summer 2016 Eyewear Trends: Sunglasses dipped in Gold


What’s your favourite brand of sunglasses, girls? In case you’re still undecided, let me introduce my all-time favourite – TOM FORD.

Okay, okay.. I know his fashion can be ‘somewhat’ unaffordable.. but the sunglasses, definitely in the budget!

I couldn’t help but share one of his recent designs and definitely amidst the most stylish frames on the market at the moment, his gold plated sunglasses. A special edition release for summer 2016 and a truly extravagant pair of sunglasses dipped in rose gold.

TOM FORD Gold Plated Sunglassestomford-sunglasses-gold-plated

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How to Style Sparkly Skirts – Metallic midi skirts

Subtly Sparkly in Metallic midi skirts

After seeing more and more of those cool sparkly pleats and metallic midi skirts pop up on Instagram and style blogs this summer, I thought it’s time to take a closer look. 

I’m usually a little more of a dress-down kinda gal though I like to add a little shine and sparkle here and there… I call it the subtly sparkly look. Add a little flash here, a tiny jewelled shimmer there. I like the french style, and believe in ‘less is more’. French women keep it simple BUT that doesn’t mean they don’t add a statement piece, jewels or sparkle. It just means they find a way to draw attention to one part – and keep it there… and only there.

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Sparkle, Sparkle… Runway slip dresses, sequins, and more


It’s shiny, sweetie. And it’s glam. And you will feel beautifully, effortlessly dressed.


You don’t mind a splash of sparkle, do you?

And if you have a non-chalant style and appreciate if brands make it easy for women to look confident and effortlessly polished? Then these clean and laid-back styles that have their unique modern design language every season, might be just what you’re looking for. And every now and then, they mix in a little statement piece, so I can’t help but share with you. 


Tibi, founded in 1997 by designer Amy Smilovic, presents a truly relaxed and unique style. This summer 2016 I particularly loved their embellished, sparkly pink blush dresses.  Shop the line at Tibi online and via selected multi-brand online shops and retail boutiques.

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Maison Margiela Brown Sparkle Bag

Our sparkle celebration continues with us sharing beautiful chic, shiny, dazzling, statement pieces or simplistic beauty, fashion and style adorations. 

I found that a little sparkly style works particularly well on days where you feel like a little extra glam. 

Just spotted: The Maison Margiela Brown Sparkle Bag finished with tulle and sequins in gold brown tones.

Images: Maison Margiela E-Shop 

Head over to our Sparkle Blog for more shiny summer trends!  

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Oh, Georgine

Feeling underdressed? I found you some chic and sparkly, embellished Fashion Week looks that will make you dance through spring. Hooray!

Georgine, founded in 2011 by Georgine Ratelband, focuses on feminine lines, using seductive silhouettes accented by unique detailing, exquisite fabrics and statement embellishments. GEORGINE fashion is made between Italy and France.

You can check out Georgine’s website for their full Spring/Summer 2016 glam styles.

Photos: Spring/Summer 2016

If you love sandals, take a look at our collection of handmade leather sandals Australia and have a read over at Rocca’s stories.

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