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ROCCAPINA Blush Crush Inspiration Light Pink Sandals

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Every girl needs to have a few blush things in her life. Whether it’s a leather jacket, an oversized faux fur throw, the perfect piece of statement art or even as a weekly go-to manicure shade, this color evokes both femininity and peace. It’s soft tone pairs well with the warm weather of summer and matches the flowers as they bloom in the spring. The color also adds a lightness to the dreary and cold days of fall and winter. It works in all parts of our lives, not just as a step in our makeup routine! In honor of our site launch last week, which included some sparkly blush sandals, we wanted to share the blush things we’re currently crushing on! With your wardrobe, blush pieces look great with black or white along with some rose gold jewelry. The pink tones in rose gold complement blush so well. One of the reasons we love the Marielle and Billie Blush sandals so much is that they bring both the sparkle and pink to any outfit. You’ll instantly look polished, yet girly. If you’re searching for a way to change up your home, then a blush pillow or structured chair is the way to go. The addition of some rose quartz is another favorite way to do it! Blush is one of those colors that calms your mind, which is exactly what you want your home to do for you after a busy day. You’ll also find yourself more inspired and creative with these light pink tones around you. Blush is one of those colors that is always going to be around. So, you can never go wrong with a pop of it in any aspect of your life! Let us know if you have any blush favorites of your own! We’d love to add some more to the list.

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