One Giant Leap For Embellished Jeans

So, let’s talk about one of the products on our trending buys list this year — embellished jeans. 

By the way, I remember the days when our mums would be sewing and sticking jewelled pieces and embroidery on our jeans jackets.. back when I was like, 14. But these funky pieces are way cooler and can totally be worn by grown-ups like us! And I’m not the only one noticing how traditional embellishment is making its way into our wardrobe, creating on-trend embellished denim. How cool are these awesome embellished jeans by Marie Sophie Lockhart?

embellished jeans denim marie sophie lockhart

From luxury brand like Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana to price ranges that work for every girl, pieces of embellishment are everywhere now.

No matter if you like bold statements or delicate floral embroidered pieces, jeans embellished with pearls or quirky leather flower embroidery on jackets and bags —one thing is for sure: this season’s got it all.

Another awesome designer we’ve come across recently — Hannah Beth Fincham is our new sparkle crush when it comes to embellished jeans and leather pieces. (you can find her on Instagram too). If you are a denim lover, this one is definitely for you. Hannah Beth Fincham paints and hand-embellishes custom-made pieces by applying beading, pearls or studs and making them OH SO UNIQUE. The London-based designer specialises in one-off unique embroidered jackets. Her jeans jackets are so striking, I have fallen in love immediately.

 hannah beth fincham embellished jeans jackets flowers  


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