How to Style Sparkly Skirts – Metallic midi skirts

Subtly Sparkly in Metallic midi skirts

After seeing more and more of those cool sparkly pleats and metallic midi skirts pop up on Instagram and style blogs this summer, I thought it’s time to take a closer look. 

I’m usually a little more of a dress-down kinda gal though I like to add a little shine and sparkle here and there… I call it the subtly sparkly look. Add a little flash here, a tiny jewelled shimmer there. I like the french style, and believe in ‘less is more’. French women keep it simple BUT that doesn’t mean they don’t add a statement piece, jewels or sparkle. It just means they find a way to draw attention to one part – and keep it there… and only there.

So when it comes to adding that certain something, I think this year’s metallic midi skirt is the perfect element to glam up your style without overdoing it. French women love a simplistic style, so don’t add too much flashy stuff aside from a sparkly skirt and keep the rest of your outfit modest. Due to their longer hemlines this summer’s metallic midi skirts are just perfect as they keep things subtle and toned down for office or daytime, at the same time they make an extremly versatile statement piece paired with basics in neutral and earthy colors such brown, black, beige and white. 

So I think, why not. Let’s give this a try, yeah?

More shiny summer inspiration on the Rocca’s Sparkle Girl Blog.


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