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How to Up Your Chic Factor

How to Glam Up your Look

(Photo taken from IG: lindacrush)

It’s no secret that when it comes to personal style, everything changes and evolves just as you discover bits and pieces of your own style. It’s not news that your wardrobe says a lot about your personality.  You wear your soul in the form of the clothes that you choose. Some say style cannot be taught because it’s all about discovering what works for you and what type of clothing catches your eye.

You could pull off anything with the right attitude and confidence but remember that even a single statement piece could make or break an outfit in the eyes of many, yikes! We all have that desire inside of us and want to be complimented for our style choices. To put together an excellent jaw dropping outfit is a job well done that guarantees you sparkle up your day.

Up Your Chic Factor Change Your Style Accessories

So, how do you achieve a look that promises to brighten up a long day? How do you up your chic factor? Check out these OOTD ideas that will inspire you to add some much needed sparkle in your life and get you ready to seize the day!

How to Up Your Chic Factor and Change Your Style with Accessories


Look #1 – On the go Sparkly Creative

Always out and about but never without a wandering spirit. This style speaks creative soul that gets things done while having fun exploring and being out and about. Simplicity in its purest form that everyone can pull off, a comfy chic look that never goes out of style.

A plain shirt paired with denim shorts is a staple combination that you can elevate and experiment with however you like.

Up Your Chic Factor and Change Your Style with AccessoriesAdd a basic accessory like a watch or cool pair of sunnies – or even a fedora if you’re feeling the vibe. However, don’t forget the sparkle factor that will draw eyes to that super cute outfit.

Up Your Chic Factor and Change Your Style with Accessories(Photo taken from IG: xdyonnex)

Whip out a gorgeous pair of comfy gold metallic sandals that you could wear all day long. They will add a touch of magic to complete the look.

Flat Thong Crystal Sandals Embellished Gold Metallic Leather Embellished by ROCCAPINA

Look #2 – Classy Casual

Want to dress classy and sophisticated but fit for a simple day out? Try this stunning outfit that emanates an air of confidence yet with a pop of color and a vibrant pattern. A basic look of a fitting top paired with a patterned long skirt to complement and balance with a beautiful choice of accessories.

Up Your Chic Factor and Change Your Style with Accessories

A classy shoe for the outfit will fit in just perfectly. You can accentuate your feet with crystal-embellished flats and a subtle touch of jewels to add some refinement to your outfit.

Up Your Chic Factor and Change Your Style with Accessories

(Photo taken from IG:lauralookatmyclothes)

Nothing beats the classic nude or blush leather. With a simple yet dazzling touch of sparkle you can accentuate you can up your chic factor with this lovely piece of footwear.

Up Your Chic Factor With Jewelled Sandals

Look #3 – Basic With a touch of Sparkle

Never doubt the power of a basic outfit that you can elevate with a pop of color and the right pair of shoes that will effortlessly bring together your OOTD.  Up Your Chic Factor With Accessories and Sandals

Lindacrush Up Your Chic Factor   Sparkly Sandals Flat T Strap Ankle Tie Swarovski Crystal Embellished Rose Gold Leather Belle

(Photo taken from IG: lindacrush)

These golden crystal-embellished sandals have just the right amount of sparkle to liven up even the most basic of outfits and up your chic factor.

Look #4 – Feminine Wonder woman

Embrace the wonder of pastel colors and take a walk with your feminine side by putting together an OOTD fit for a slow motion entrance anyday of the week. Be comfortable with light soft tones that are appealing and soothing to look at but at the same time incorporate your own twist with a statement accessory.

Up Your Chic Factor Change Your Style Accessories Pearls Yeeung Up Your Chic Factor Change Your Style

(Photo taken from IG: yeeungt)

Flat Thong Sandals Pearl Embellished Black Leather Ankle Tie Slingback Sparkly Maelle

Up your chic factor and choose a nice contrast with your outfit like this one with the finely beaded pearl-embellished sandals that isn’t too showy nor does it lessen the femininity of the outfit.

To all the lovely ladies reading this, flaunt your personal style and take pride in experimenting with anything that draws your eye and catches your attention. Life is too short not to have a sparkle of adventure with every step that you take and note that you are uniquely beautiful.




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