Sparkle Essentials for Every Girl’s Wardrobe

Compliment your sparkly personality with eye-catching and glittery essentials that every sparkle girl’s wardrobe needs. Sometimes all an outfit requires is a single one of these items in order to make the entire look come to life.

From elegant dresses and sparkly sandals to jeweled accessories such as sunglasses and bags – these are the four must-have sparkle essentials that you’ll want to be stocking up on this summer!

The Sparkly Dress

It can often be tricky trying to pull together a simple yet glamorous outfit at the last minute for a night-out, but you just can’t go wrong with a sparkly dress. Whether your chosen style is adorned with sequins, crystal embellishments, or a subtle glittery fabric, you’re sure to both look and feel your best.

For inspiration, check out the incredibly glam designs that we featured from designer Monique Lhuillier in our recent crystal embellishment trend piece. Alternatively, you can find plenty of stunning, sparkly dresses via popular retailers such as ASOS (pictured).

Sequins Dress Embellished Sparkly

[Photo credit: Asos]

The Crystal-Embellished Clutch

The crystal-embellished clutch is another one of those must-have items which can almost instantly transform your look from day to night. It also becomes a statement piece, meaning that it will make a plainer dress or outfit appear more glam.

You’ll also be pleased to hear that crystal-embellished clutches aren’t difficult to find – we’d suggest looking in your favourite retail outlet or even checking online. If you can’t find a style you love, why not get crafty? All you’ll need are some crystal adornments of your choice and fabric glue, plus there are tonnes of easy DIY tutorials to follow on Pinterest.

Crystal Embellished Clutch Sparkle Essentials

[Photo credit: Hallie Daily]

The Jewelled Sunglasses

Here’s another great sparkle essential for your wardrobe that you can either buy or DIY. We particularly love the cat’s eye style of sunglasses which are decorated with jewels, but there are a whole range of styles and shapes available.

Jewelled sunglasses look gorgeous in the warmer weather, especially as the summer sun reflects off the crystal surface. When it comes to this trend, we think the more jewels, the better!

Jewelled Sunglasses For Summer

[Photo credit: The Hunt]

The Metallic Sandals

Last but not least, it just wouldn’t be a sparkle-filled wardrobe without a pair of comfortable, metallic sandals to call your own! When you incorporate sparkle into your footwear, you can’t help but walk around with an added spring in your step.

The best news yet? ROCCAPINA’s very own sparkly and jewelled sandals (pictured) will be launching in the coming months. From sandals in shades of gold, black, and pink blush, you’re sure to find your favourite summer piece at ROCCAPINA.

Gold Metallic Sandals Flat Lace Up

[Photo credit: ROCCAPINA Embellished Flat Sandals]



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