The Sparkle Guide to Summer Fashion for Music Festival Season

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Sparkle up for Coachella & Co.

The arrival of spring brings not only warmer weather, fresh flowers, beach days and tropical vacations, but it brings music festival season along with it! Whether it’s Coachella, Lollapalooza, Ultra or otherwise, the style is always highly anticipated and sought after. Let’s talk about how to sparkle up for music festivals this summer. 

The blush, pinky tones are consistently in the spring color scheme. They look particularly amazing when paired with gold accessories. I also love darker jewel tones for spring, particularly emerald and maroon colors. They’re regal and rich, instantly turning you into a music festival princess. I’m loving the maroon Free People headband with flecks of gold (#15). It keeps your hair perfectly in place all day and adds a bohemian vibe to whatever outfit you’re wearing. To me, headbands like that are the easiest way to get that coveted boho goddess look.

My favorite pieces are the sparkly Anine Bing gold body suit (#2), the pink Mango dress (#5), the white Free People belt (#6) and the gemstone Free People necklace (#9).

Even if you’re not attending a music festival this year, you can emulate the bohemian, effortless style that is coupled with it. Any of these pieces are the perfect players to update your spring wardrobe. The sparkles add an ethereal touch without making you look like a 5 year old who just played with glitter. You’re never too old to wear sparkles, especially in the springtime!

Let us know which sparkly pieces are your favorite from the list! Are you going to any music festivals this year?



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