Tomboy Style and Sparkles don’t mix

… or do they? 

The Science of Being A Sparkly Tomboy

Problem: At very first, tomboy and sparkle are two words that don’t seem to belong to the same vocabulary much less the same development in fashion. Nevertheless, these two concepts share many more relatives than we’d like to believe.

Exhibit A: Kristen Stewart

In January of 2016 Stewart attended a fashion event wearing an altered piece by Sally LaPointe. In spite of being a dress, this piece naturally comes with a sort of carefree, boyish feel from its tank top style to its straight, rectangular silhouette. The dress’s metallic skirt is the statement angle of the look. However, drawing us in with the minimal diamond design and the ragged hemline. Now, we need to note that the styling of Stewart herself is just as important as the garment is when referencing this look. Here we see Stewart wearing dark, grungy eye-makeup and a neutral lip. Her hair is messy and also slightly pulled away from her face, and her relaxed attitude is exactly right.

At the Café Society & Opening Gala’ premiere in May of 2016, Kristen Stewart wore a Chanel Resort 2017 Collection gown and minimalist black heels. The look was feminine for the facts that Stewart wore a dress that had a sheer top and a long, floral skirt. But it was also masculinized by the dress’s black color, its collar, and Stewart’s own slicked locks.

Exhibit B: Emma Watson

Watson has worn been debuting fantastic looks on The Late Show with David Letterman since 2007, but her visit in 2011 was by far the most noteworthy as far as tomboy sparkle power goes. Watson styled her hair neatly slicked and went with completely neutral makeup. She wore very minimal jewelry, if any, and comfy wedge heels. And of course we have to talk about the dress. This dress is a Balmain minidress simply doused in glittering silver sequins. This dress works in the tomboy style due to its relaxed cut, scoop neckline, and the zipper detail down the back.

At London Fashion Week 2009 Emma Watson wore an amazing gold dress and black trench, both by Burberry. This appearance easily slides in as a prime example of sparkly tomboy style. Of course, on the surface, the look has visible sparkle to it and has a standout girly texture because of it. However, with the addition of the black, black eyes, the nude lips, the ponytail, and, initially, the trench coat, Watson propelled this feminine look into another realm of style.


[Science Notes: Emma Watson at Gare Du Nord in 2017 / Emma Watson at The Late Show with David Letterman 2014]


Now that our hypothesis has been proven correctly, let’s try and put our knowledge into action.

How to add a little bit of sparkle to a classic tomboy look

Clothes: jacket/dress combos and vest/dress combos; lace up boots as opposed to “booties,” and sneakers with feminine outfits; dresses with collars and T-shirt style dresses; T-shirts or collared shirts under dresses; beanies with feminine outfits and print classic tees with skirts; black or navy blue base outfits and shorts/heels combo. Shorter sparkly dresses tend to come off more shirt-like and casual. So an inherently masculine fashion accessory i.e. the hat or a tie can add a tomboyish edge to nearly any feminine outfit.

Hair: ponytails, pixie cuts, uneven hair cuts, braids, adding braid details into curly hairstyles; messy layers, undercuts on long hair, disheveled curls, messy parts in the hair. Wear styles that pull the hair away from the face, slicked down hair, styles that are meant to be messy by nature for your tomboy femme style.

Makeup: heavy or dark eyebrows and dark eyes; skip the highlight, grunge makeup trend, a statement lip with completely naked eyes; neutral makeup all the way across, jawline enhancing contour. Try doing the Marilyn Monroe eye: winged black eyeliner with nothing else.

Shortcuts and main points: sneakers, hats, messy hair, wear black, ponytails, neutral makeup, dark eyebrows. Wear a jacket, be creative and have attitude!


So even though we don’t all usually place tomboys and sparkles into the same lunchbox that doesn’t mean that they can’t still find one another and create something incredibly fashionable.

Finally, let’s close out with a list including some of our favourite Instagrammers who properly employ a bit of sparkle to their everyday tomboy femme style:
Mikutas Sparkly Tomboy Style, tomboy femme style with sparkles

Image: @Mikutas & &

Check out their accounts for more tomboy femme style ideas. You can see how to utilize a little quirk and glitter with your interpretation of the classic tomboy style *

Style inspirations: Emma Watson, Annie Clark, Alexa Chung, Kristen Stewart, Lilly Collins



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