Stuck In Mum Style Rut Stylish Mums share their style tips

Stuck in a mum-style rut?

5 stylish mums share their style tips

Yes, it’s true. Once your little bundle of joy arrives – everything changes. Also your style.

My personal style has definitely changed as I transitioned to life as a mum. 

We see these gorgeous Instagram-famous mum’s looking glamorous and chic almost immediately after giving birth. They look stylish and fabulous pretty much all the time and I wonder how they do it? 

I remember how people always said – your priorities change. And yes, they do.

For me now, my baby comes first. Of course I also care about the way I look and what I wear. But not as much as I used to. 

If you swapped high heels for diaper bags and stylish dummy accessories, you’ll know what I am talking about! 

Looking back now I realize I definitely started wearing sneakers and t-shirts MUCH more than I ever did before. If simply for the reason that you get these little sticky hands on your clothes ALL the time.  I didn’t want to ruin my nice dresses and blouses.

But truth be told – I also got comfortable. I wanted to be comfortable.

See – when your new place to be is the playground and you’re regularly playing in the sandpit, it’s not so great to be doing that in your favourite Manolo pumps. So they moved to the back of the closet for a while.

If you have adapted to a new life as mum recently you probably did the same.

But after a year and a half I feel it’s time to rediscover my closet and find comfortable but stylish ways to add a little oomph to my look to avoid getting stuck in a mum’s fashion rut.

Because, I still love great style.

I still enjoy feeling good when I walk out the door. It’s just not my top priority anymore.

So I found easy ways to elevate my casual everyday wear that didn’t take up much of my time. 

There are also days when feeling good about yourself as a new mother is difficult. But these stylish mum tips can help.

Last month we challenged your ‘comfortable’ style and asked some of ROCCAPINA’s community about their “top mum-style tips” and how to avoid getting stuck in a mum-style fashion rut. We asked 5 stylish mums to share their top style tips. 

Read the answers here below, as well as my own, and let us know your thoughts on this style topic.

Stylish mums share their style tips

I. Melie (me) @roccapina_

Summer is my favorite season to get dressed. It’s easy and light. It’s feel-good dressing. Long flowy dresses or short denim shorts and sandals. I’m a summer lover. I love clothes that move around easily and don’t take much effort.

1. Beautiful prints: One of my favourite ways to easily elevate my style a little is to pick a nice summer dress with a beautiful print. It doesn’t take much time to coordinate pieces, you just throw it on with a nice pair of elegant flat sandals (my Rocca’s of course!) and you’re ready to go.

2. Playful jewelry: If I opt for something simple and casual and don’t want to stand out too much at the playground I go for whites. Denim and a white crisp top or a white dress, both goes with any pair of chic summer flats you have in your closet. Then I add a nice amount of fine jewelry such as earrings mixed with bracelets that I picked up at various markets. It’s all about happy dressing, comfortable, quick but joyful.

3. Shoes, shoes, shoes: What can I say, I love a beautiful pair of shoes.. Mum or not mum – that didn’t change!

So no matter what you’re wearing, even if you just jump into the oldest pair of jeans you own and throw a hoodie on, you can still style it up with a nice pair of stylish leather sneakers. I own some in blush pink, classic Goldengoose Deluxe or a stylish brown high top sneaker. Of course, summer calls for fabulous flat summer sandals :)

4. Makeup: I usually prefer to be dressed in a way that does not require too much work. The same way I feel about my makeup or hair. But it will always make me feel really good if I take the time to put on a nice strong mascara and shape my brows, add a little natural browny eyeshadow and a glossy lip.

5. Add a nice belt: Generally I like to wear my jeans without belts. They fit. Why add a belt? BUT there is one particular way I like to wear belts and that’s over a nice casual dress. I have invested in two beautiful big leather belts that you can wrap around the waist and they will instantly transform and elevate a casusal everyday dress into a chic brunch outfit.

2. Monique @diversediary

As a mum of two, I feel like I’m forever chasing my tail when it comes to parenthood, but as a stylist, I know the importance of how an outfit can boost your confidence… even for those school drop off and pick ups! Here are some tips I use to help me get out of the house in the morning and not get stuck in a mum-style rut:

1. Get organised – Each night before I go to bed, I spend 5-10 minutes picking out an outfit for the next day to wear. This gives me the luxury of not being rushed and in the morning and gives me a more ‘put together’ look – much more time efficient and easier than dragging those trackies on 5 minutes before I run out the door!

2. Invest in good quality basics: we all can get carried away with bargains especially if we’re shopping with the kids and it’s easy to just grab something off the rack (often without even trying it on). I always recommend that clients should invest in items that will last and that you feel great in. This usually means a great plain white or black tee, or a flattering pair of jeans that you feel great in. Also, wearing natural fibres really makes a difference so linen (my current fave) and cotton won’t have you perspiring all day like many other synthetic fabrics. The same can be said about shoes. As a mum, you’re on your feet all day. Invest in a pair of good quality sneakers (in winter) and sandals in summer that will last – your feet will thank you for it and they will last longer then having to replace cheaper pairs.

3. Hair: something that I’ve recently being doing which is a great time saver in the mornings is putting a curl in my hair the night before. Usually, just around my face and a few curls at the back. I then pop a little bit of hairspray in to hold and in the morning – voila! The curl has turned into a soft, textured beach wave.

4. Accessorise – If you don’t have money in the budget to spend on some quality basics, consider accessorising with a cute scarf, tied in your hair or around your bag. Also, add a pop of colour to your nails for a fresh look, or try wearing a bright lip gloss/colour to lift your outfit (and detract from the sleepy mummy eyes!)

5. Finally, a wardrobe edit! Once you’ve invested in those quality, timeless pieces, consider sorting through your wardrobe, and giving away any items that you no longer wear, or that no longer fit you. Drop them off to a charity bin or your local Vinnies store as someone may love the items which are currently sitting in your wardrobe not being worn. Consider re-arranging your wardrobe so that every piece of clothing is on display, either hanging up (dresses, skirts) or folded neatly. This will allow you to see everything so that you can start mix-and-matching old with new.

Buying less, choosing well and making the most of your wardrobe will enhance your style game. Everyone’s only a declutter and a few quality basics away from their ultimate and stylish mum wardrobe.

Stuck In Mum-Style Rut Stylish Mums share their style tips

Stylish mums share their style tips

Anny @anny.lamba

Being a mum does not mean that your wardrobe has to be boring and outdated. 

I always knew that motherhood would not stop me from having fun and feeling good about myself. So here are my top tips to being a stylish mummy and not to get stuck in a mum-style rut.

1. Manicured nails – this is an instant mood uplifter

2. Acessorize – even the simplest of outfits transform with accessories so definitely invest in them. With kids put on something simple like denims and a white shirt and complete your outfit with sunnies, handbag, earings, necklaces, scarves

3. Learn a few simple hair-dos. Dry shampoos are your best friend when you have no time to wash your hair. 

4. Quick n Easy makeup tricks will take you a long way. Forget about the full-on makeup routine and stick to a daily look routine instead.

Stylish Mums Share their Style Tips Stuck In mum-Style rut

Shell @shells_fashion_world

My top tip to upgrade any simple daywear look is with a beautiful set of accessories. My top tip is to add long statement earrings or a cute necklace that elevates even a casual denim look.

Stylish Mums Share Their Style Tips

Yashin @stylishmomnextdoor

Top Tip: Have some Me time. Catching up with girlfriends, or self care, or reading magazines, browsing the internet. Keep connected to the rest of the world.

My secret to creating a polished look is always accessories. I either add a pair of stylish shoes, bags or statement jewelry. I prefer eye catching accessories that are not intended to match the outfit, but enhance the outfit. This way you can easily elevate any casual daywear look.

Stuck In Mum Style Rut Stylish Mums share their style tips

So lovelies, I hope you enjoyed these fabulous tips on how to find your style-groove again as a new mum and not get stuck in a mum-style rut.

When researching the topic we stumbled across a few stylish mums reads that we had to include! One of our favourite boheme style mum’s shares her style tips below. We loved the article on Stylish Mom’s. Below is an extract. 

Sheree Commerford @captainandthegypsykid

As working mums, we don’t have much time to stand in front of the mirror trying on a million outfits till we get it right. I find investing in a number of “safe” pieces that can you ride you through the storm, such as a classic white dress shirt, a well-cut black blazer, pants, and a coat. The pieces I get the most comments about are nearly always vintage—usually bought at a flea market starting anywhere as low as $5. What I am trying to say is that to look great and to be yourself, don’t be fooled into thinking you have to spend next month’s mortgage. 

Check out her website for more inspo here.

How has your style changed since you’ve become a mom and do you find you’re stuck in a mum-style rut? 

Need more stylish mums advice? Here are Britains most stylish school-run mums. 

We also found some insightful mum-style tips here: Somewhere between pregnancy and my daughter’s second birthday, though, I lost the spark of joy that clothes used to give me. (Read the full feature on Verily Mag)

PS. We highly recommend connecting and following these stylish mums on Instagram.



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