Metallic Craze

Metallic Sandals Trends Roccapina

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We all love things that sparkle and shine. They’re necessary to brighten our day, our wardrobe and our home. Metallics are the way to go! Gold and rose gold are favorites because they’re equally luxurious and stunning.

With warmer weather, the easiest way to ensure you can wear metallics each and every day is by incorporating them into your shoe collection. Metallic flat sandals are trends you’ll want to keep up with this season. They have the unique capability to look incredible with almost anything and the metallics instantly dress up any outfit. For example, an all black outfit might be too simple, but with a pair of gold or rose gold sandals, you instantly bring a twist to your style. Roccapina’s metallic strappy flat sandals La Belle or metallic thong sandals like Stevie are perfect for those moments.

Anytime you’re feeling uninspired, a sparkly gold piece of clothing or a rose gold home accent will keep you motivated. A metallic and bold skirt like #15 is so easy to wear with a black top and some sandals. By bringing metallic pieces into your home, you add an eye-catching pop of color. A candle like #16 is a glamorous way to do that. Plus, it smells amazing! You can even carry the metallics onto your nails or into the gym. There are so many ways to make metallics a part of your life!

So, the next time you’re wanting to liven things up, use flecks of metallic here and there. Your shoes are a good place to start!




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