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Why Your Shoe Game Needs Jewelled Sandals This Summer


We had the idea to design jewelled sandals when we celebrated sunshine and summer in the South of France.

We wanted to bring this feeling of relaxing and enjoying life into everyday life. Make life a little bit more sunshiney and happier.

Life is so busy.

Give some quality time and enjoyment back to you. You just need to take a little time out sometimes and dedicate it to yourself.

This shows in our products. Because we celebrate valuable things in life.

If you drink an Aperol Sprizz in a crappy, uninspiring bar you wont enjoy it. It’s the little details, like a beautiful deco, a nice statement wallpaper, or nice lighting that matter.

This is the same we do with ROCCAPINA.

We pay attention to the little details.

We create a high quality product that is made with heart and soul. It is made with beautiful materials and sparkling at the same time. We celebrate the little things…

Embellished Sandals Gold Swarovski Crystals Jewelled Flat

Now the great thing about ROCCAPINA jewelled sandals is, that they are timeless. You can wear them with pretty much anything. Thanks to their beautiful craftsmanship quality they will still look beautiful next summer. Flat thong sandals work amazingly well for beach weddings, while a pair of Swarovski embellished t-strap sandals with black bow are a chic counter to a white crisp dress or ripped jeans. Thanks to trendy fancy flats, you’ll never have to worry about what kind of sandals to wear to a beach wedding anymore or struggle through the night with painful heels.

The flat sandals trend is still going strong, definitely something we think your feet will thank you for!

Metallics are still a favourite so pick a rose gold or platinum leather that can take you from day to night easily.

PS. We celebrate a sunshine spirit, sparkles and smiles and we’re looking for sunny spirits to collaborate with ? Get in touch! 


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