Simple Ways to Elevate Your Home

An organized and aesthetically pleasing home space can turn your home into a sanctuary. For many, their home is an extension of themselves and a space they can retreat to after a long day at work and a stressful week.

It doesn’t have to be a top-notch home space with expensive furniture and trimmings, you don’t need to break the bank to have an awe-inducing home space that everyone raves about to make it a little more special. Here are ways on how you can elevate your home space:

#1. Have a vision

Know what look you want to achieve and use place online such as Pinterest for inspiration. Watch some DIY videos on youtube to learn how to create trimmings and other furniture items that will save you money and make your home so much more creative.

Create a vision board so you can see if your ideas are consistent with the aesthetic of the look you want to achieve and when you’re satisfied-get excited and make it happen.

Elevate Your Home Space 2

#.2 Add some flora and fauna

It’s always a nice and appreciative touch in any space to have an airy plant and it doesn’t have to be big and pricey. A small decorative plant on a desk can make a big difference. Studies show that plants can invigorate an environment and help make it easier on the eyes and generate a calm and peaceful vibe. Remember – create your retreat : )

Taking care of plants isn’t that much work either and you’ll really appreciate how they elevate your space and help you maintain a more zen outlook at home.

#3. Remake old furniture

Are you tired of your plain old and drab furniture? No need to go on an unnecessary spending spree when you can just get crafty and breathe new life into your old ones. Decide which furniture you want to remake and which ones you’ll settle to donate if you can’t see yourself using it anymore.

Why not make this furniture DIY into a neat and fun crafty project with family and friends so that it’s less work but with all of the fun. It’s also nice to get some feedback when decorating your space.

Elevate Your Home Space 2

#4. A fresh coat of paint is magical

If you’re committed to going all the way to elevating your home space then don’t forget to add a splash of color. Whether it’s painting the wall with a fresh coat of white or whichever color you love. Maybe try adding in a painting to really bring a pop of color into your new home space.

Tip: Use color psychology to better understand how colors impact people and how we interpret them with our moods.

Elevate Your Home Space

#5. Play around with storage space

Finding suitable storage spaces for all your treasured belongings can be quite a challenge. However, it all comes down to how you look at the space you have. Research online and how you can learn more about optimizing your space. Why not buy a simple white chest with drawers and paint it over in a beautiful blush colour.

Easy Ways To Elevate Your Home Space

Also, it’s always worth heading to a thrift store or check out some garage sales. You might be able to get a good deal on a gorgeous antique mirror that will elevate your home space in a matter of seconds.

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Best Elegant Flat Sandals 2018

Embellished Fashion Trends with Mané Virdee

PS. Shop our Elegant Flat Sandals here


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Already the soles of the sandals of Roman empresses were made from gold and the straps embellished with finest crystals and stones. You can always tell about a persons status by the shoes they wear. Though with sandals this was always difficult as simple sandal forms were worn by even the poorest of people and fine elegant sandals worn by people that were wealthy. After a century in the shadows the “sandal” finally stepped out into the limelight in the 1920s. With new heels and embellished details upgraded with more glamour and elegance.

Meanwhile the market offers something for everyone. If you value comfort you take your pick from Birkenstock. If you prefer glamour and sparkle, you choose a gold metallic fancy version with heel.

We have put together our favourite picks of elegant flat summer sandals 2018. With a sparkle here and a little shine there, these vibrant sandals make sure your feet are getting noticed this summer.

7 Elegant Flat Summer Sandals 2018

If I could dream up my perfect elegant summer sandal for everyday wear, this would be it. Simple, refined and chic but comfortable and well-made. This embellished flat thong sandal goes with pretty much everything. And then it’s just a bonus that these chic sandals are made responsibly in Italy by small family factories.

Here at ROCCAPINA, we’re not big on trends. We want you to wear our shoes and sandals for more than one summer. So naturally we spent a long time finding exceptional factories. We know the craftsmen personally and have a personal relationship with them.  

Here we’re breaking down our pick of the best elegant flat summer sandals for women this season based on style and quality. 

These patent-leather TKEES flat thongs are not just super soft and comfortable, they are equally stylish and make the perfect match for your next lunch at the beach in Saint Tropez. The beautiful combination of white and gold metallic details make your summer skin really stand out. 

T Kees Sandals White Thong

Every girl should own a pair of cute red summer shoes. And these are currently on sale – get them while you can! These Aquazzura slides are made from soft red suede and embellished with red, hot-pink, and metallic-pink hearts at the front strap. For romantics they are the perfect pick and go with everything from long elegant silhouettes to cute denim shorts.

Aquazzura Embellished Slides Red

And elegant flat sandals – that’s what we do here at ROCCAPINA. We believe that thong sandals and embellished T-strap sandals instantly dress up any outfit. Being a beach girl and sun chaser, sandals have always been an essential item in my wardrobe. Though I have had a hard time getting on board with the sky high price tags for beautiful high quality crystal embellished sandals. I believe the classic flat thong style is one of the most flattering sandal styles. They have quickly become my everyday go-to sandals. So I have designed my interpretation of this style for Spring/Summer SS 2018.

In ROCCAPINA’s online shop you can find two versions of elegant flat summer sandals. Both are made at our shoe factory in Italy. Our classic embellished T-strap sandals Mariellein Blush leather feature a backheel support with zipper and straps that help keep the sandals on your feet firmer. The straps and sole feel equally comfortable and are made of high quality leather. They feature an adjustable ankle strap which you can cut to your desired length and shorten if you only want to wrap it around for 1-2 times. Everyone’s taste is different. While some women love a long strappy sandal, others just want to slip it on quickly and be done. Don’t let all the straps scare you—this strappy t-strap is easy to slip on and off thanks to a handy zipper in the back. And although the sole is made from leather and not padded, they are made from the finest quality soles and provide durability and comfort.

Blush Leather Sandals Flat Crystal Embellished T Strap Thong


Our second style is our timeless flat thong sandal Fleur. Even my man said, ‘Those are really cute,’ and really, when do men ever notice our shoes? They must be extremely pretty and spectacular I thought. They have quickly become my everyday go-to sandals as they are so fine and delicate and feel like they’re barely there. One word: amazing. These elegant flat summer sandals are my perfect everyday wear companion. The fine leather straps and sole just feel super soft; no slipping, no rubbing, and you really don’t feel like you’re walking on a non-padded sole at all. I still remember the days when the balls of my feet would hurt so much (that burning sensation, you know?) even in flat shoes.. BUT not in these, ladies.

Elegant Flat Summer Sandals ROCCAPINA FLEUR

Elegant Flat Summer Sandals ROCCAPINA FLEUR


Next up, timeless leather slides. Truth be told, these beauties are a little too pricey for me and essentially why I decided to create ROCCAPINA. So we can all wear beautiful quality elegant flat summer sandals like this — but at a more moderate price. Still – these flat slides from Bottega Veneta are a summer classic for me and they come in beautiful brown or gold metallic leather as well.

Elegant Flat Summer Sandals Bottega Veneta Silver Slides Sandals

Then of course another timeless sandal style that belongs for me in this category is the always chic and elegant Hermes Oran sandal. Justifies the price tag because if any flat summer sandal will stand the test of time, then surely this one I predict. My favourite colour is a beautiful soft tan brown or a classic white calf leather that looks beautiful. So while heels are an integral part of every womens wardrobe, often flats are the more reliable practical choice when it comes to everyday wear. After all a woman who wears flats even for a night out knows she doesn’t have to suffer to look chic. 

Elegant Flat Summer Sandals Oran Sandal Hermes Slide

From chic and embellished T-bars in metallic gold to fine suede sandals we have you covered. Not to be missed though is one of my favourite shoe designers, Bionda Castana. I own a gorgeous pair of Lana heels and they are just stunning. They feel and look amazing. Given that these are a heeled style this means a lot. Sadly the designers have stopped trading a while ago but have recently announced they will continue to produce one-off designs made to order. Maybe this time they won’t be as expensive – one can only hope!

The chic and elegant flat summer sandal Willow (pictured below) is as office-friendly as it is perfect your next summer holiday.

Elegant Flat Summer Sandals Bionda Castana Black Flat Sandals

The straps and sole feel soft and with exquisite materials like these there’s no slipping or rubbing. There’s a leather ankle strap for added support. The perfect elegant flat summer sandals for any occasion.

Our tip? Try and pick a style you’ll feel most comfortable in. And whether you want to slip it on quickly or need extra support and coverage. Decide if you need it for beach and casual wear or if you’ll like to elevate your look and dress up your casual look into a more polished style. 



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Best Elegant Flat Sandals 2018

Embellished Fashion Trends with Mané Virdee

PS. Shop our Elegant Flat Sandals here

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Even if sequins and glitter are not your thing, adding sparkly style accents generally help you add a little ‘something special’ to your outfit. So we did the research and found you a top hotspot in New York City. Check out their website or pop in for a little girly, pretty, cute or fancy. It’s worth it. Even if they don’t stock jewelled sandals (yet). In the meantime take a sneak peek at Catbird’s Instagram page and start obsessing. In addition to their own in-house jewel line, Catbird founder Rony Vardi and GM Leigh Plessner stock gems from unique designers.

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Lucy folk Jewellery Bracelet Australian Designers

All Eyes On: 5 Australian Jewellery Designers


There are so many ways to incorporate Lucy’s creativity into your life. She makes it easy to do so with her minimal designs and her “less is more” approach. She strategically places hints of sparkle here and there on her pieces that are classic and subtle. She’ll cater to your own creative vision through her bespoke business. She even makes our middle school dreams come to fruition by designing the ultimate friendship bracelets. And just when you think minimalism is her genre, Lucy comes out with necklaces with bold shapes and colors. She takes her ingenuity into other accessories as well: clutches, friendship bracelets, eyewear, hats… even socks and hair ties! She’s clearly a jewelry renaissance women of the Australian jewelry industry!

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How to Make Your Home Sparkle

When you want your outfit to stand out from the crowd you add some sparkle. When you want your face to reflect your sunny disposition you add a little glow to your makeup. So, what do you do if you want your home to showcase your inner radiance?

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How To Do This Season’s Sparkle Trends

[Feature Image Credit: Elle]

Crystal Embellishment Trends 2017

From the everyday to the runway, crystal embellishments are set to be huge in 2017. Over the past few weeks, labels worldwide have been sporting glittery and glitzy adornments. They can be seen on just about everything, including shoes, handbags, dresses, jewelry and more. 

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Summer 2016 Eyewear Trends: Sunglasses dipped in Gold


What’s your favourite brand of sunglasses, girls? In case you’re still undecided, let me introduce my all-time favourite – TOM FORD.

Okay, okay.. I know his fashion can be ‘somewhat’ unaffordable.. but the sunglasses, definitely in the budget!

I couldn’t help but share one of his recent designs and definitely amidst the most stylish frames on the market at the moment, his gold plated sunglasses. A special edition release for summer 2016 and a truly extravagant pair of sunglasses dipped in rose gold.

TOM FORD Gold Plated Sunglassestomford-sunglasses-gold-plated

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Sparkly Art: Yayoi Kusama at The Broad Museum

The Brilliance of Life

A visit to LA is great, but seeing Los Angeles and knowing what to do is even better. If you’re a sparkle girl (like I am) you’ll want to add this one to your list.

In 2015 the Broad Museum, LA’s new contemporary art museum opened the doors to an exhibition that has generated quite stir and social media attention thus far and due to the overwhelming response will be shown until September 2016.

Step into Yayoi Kusama’s dazzling space and experience (literally) infinity. Visitors are sent in, in a group of maximum 3, which in turn generates quite a line outside. Though if you can overcome the challenge of getting in, a dazzling world of lights, intense beauty, sparkly stars and light bubbles awaits. Dark water sparkles like jewelled surface moving with the vibrations.

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