The beauty stylist app that’s just as quick as your takeaway food order

DIAL A STYLIST — “. . . my inspiration is always my drive to serve others . . . I wanted to be able to connect people on a larger scale seamlessly, and at the heart of LUXit is the experience of caring for yourself and loving yourself . . .”

Something that we always aspire to do as humans is to make connections with others. We are bound to one another—to every other person—by a similar need for belonging, companionship, and meaning. We’re often taught that the only true way to find happiness is to find our own people who will make us feel known, appreciated, recognized, or even just interesting. We’re put into this world to form our selves, personalities, and then to seek out our crew of soul mates and partners in life who will understand us and be like us, reveling in our joys and sympathizing with our troubles as we do.

For Fabiola Gomez, founder of Australian beauty concierge app LUXit, her people seem to be everywhere. They are everyone who craves a quick round of positive affirmation before a major event or first time meeting. They are everyone who wishes that they could have predicted a bad day so that they could have booked ahead a relaxation of pampering session for that night.

To Gomez, luxurious beauty and confidence aren’t privileges that should only be at the reach of the very wealthy. Instead they are seen as instruments that should belong to everyone who longs for them. And though LUXit was initially founded with only three people, it was always meant to touch the lives of hundreds.

LUXit is like a virtual stylist, in that it takes in your personal needs, interests, and style before shipping a customized care package to your door for a reasonable price. However, LUXit is different—and even better—as the services are booked more quickly in addition to being fulfilled more quickly with a person transferred directed to you. Gomez graciously spoke with me a little bit about Australia’s innovative new beauty service app over a friendly string of emails that made me feel as if we were talking face to face.

LUXit the Australian beauty app that connects people

CHANEL WIGGAN: Can you kind of walk me through LUXit as a newcomer to your beauty app? 

FABIOLA GOMEZ: The LUXit beauty app allows you to book on-demand or in-advance makeup, hair & spray tans. You simply download the app, plug in your details and select your service, time & confirm. You’re updated throughout your whole booking up until your service provider (your LUXit Partner) is at your door.

We also recognise that our clients might prefer a different method of booking. So customers can visit our website to book, call us or even text us 7 days a week 8 am – 10 pm. Currently we service all across Sydney, Melbourne CBD & have a select team in the Gold Coast.

LUXit is a streamlined mobile experience; just like you might order your takeaway food you should be able to receive quality-assured service from the comfort of your home or office. 

CW: If you don’t mind sharing this, I’m curious about how much the service costs seeing as it’s somewhat created for the more luxury-bound members of society. 

FG: Our services are all flat rates. With our core app beauty services currently sitting at $130 for makeup, $80 for a blow dry, $60 for a spray tan and $190 for makeup and a blow dry. We offer a premium service from hand selected, insured and police-checked industry professionals. You can be assured that any LUXit service will be of the highest calibre. We also are looking to support our industry partners but creating prices that reflect their skills. 

CW: Is there a place for this app in the lives of an average person with a middle-class income and lifestyle? 

FG: Of course! Convenience is key and time is our most valuable asset. When you take into account parking, travel time, time away from your family or out of the office, a blow dry elsewhere doesn’t always end up being the value you might think. LUXit is perfect for regular grooming upkeep (especially popular for corporate individuals) or for a special occasion, an anniversary or an event. It adds more to your night out, allowing you to take your time and enjoy the preparation start to finish!

CW: How many people were involved in developing LUXit? 

FG: LUXit started with myself, my co-director and a support team member. So really it was just 3 people, bolstered by guidance from my professional mentors. 

To this day we are still a lean team! We have a close-knit team of about 5 people who are the core structure of LUXit alongside our tech team who created the beauty app. This core team works very closely together across all operations.

CW: LUXit is such a smart and unique idea, what was the inspiration behind it? Was there a specific moment when LUXit struck you as a project that really needed to take off? 

FG: It was always something in the back of my mind, my inspiration is always my drive to serve others. I’m always asking myself, “How can I assist others, how can I be of service?” I wanted to be able to connect people on a larger scale seamlessly, and at the heart of LUXit is the experience of caring for yourself and loving yourself. It’s more than just how you look but how you feel when you have time back to relax and enjoy the experience!

CW: How did you decide that a beauty app was the best platform for your idea? 

FG: Everything has an app now, we are checking our phones hundreds of times a day and the majority of this is in-app. So it makes sense to have the LUXit App to support bookings, backed by traditional phone and email customer service methods. I wanted to offer our clients the opportunity to book in whatever method they find most convenient. For many people, a few minutes on an app to book a beauty service (much like you would for an Uber) is the most intuitive and streamlined way.

CW: Did LUXit change during the development process? 

FG: Definitely – we are still developing and refining our services. Our daily operations and our approach to customer service to continue to innovate. 

CW: How is LUXit different now than it was going to be in your initial vision? 

FG: LUXit is now not only a mobile beauty and grooming service, but a personal beauty concierge service. We will soon be launching LUXit Men, focused exclusively on men’s grooming services, and we also know now that the “traditional” forms of customer service like phone calls & emails are still very popular amongst our customers. 

CW: Have there been any noteworthy experiences that you’ve been through since creating and/or working on LUXit? 

FG: It has been amazing to connect with so many unique and talented service providers in the beauty industry. These individuals have personalities that really shine through. It’s a pleasure being able to meet them in person and speak to them about their take on trends, products, the industry itself and their goals. 

CW: Is there anything else you’d like us and our subscribers to know about the LUXit beauty app?  

FG: This is just the beginning! We have exciting things on the way. If you’re interested in following our news please visit and also follow us on Instagram at luxit_official  



Thoughts on success

Focus on your small wins as well as your big ones, and remember that knowledge is success!

Nothing makes me shine brighter than . . .

I love to mentor others, and watching my team and my LUXit interns grow and refine their craft is so important to me, and it makes me feel like myself. 

What motivates you?

I’m always motivated by the innovators of the world – those who carve their own path and don’t follow the rules. I’m also inspired by my own mentors (professional and spiritual) and by my team.

Favourite kind of sparkle. 

My friends! 

Last sparkly purchase 

A Camilla trench coat – perfect over all black. 

Where do you go to recharge your batteries?

My farm in Bulahdelah near the Myall River – a place of true serenity. 

How do you get your sparkle on?

Daily meditation and gratitude (from the moment I wake up). No television (I love podcasts, audio books and TedXTalks much more!)

Most magical experience, moment or place in your life so far

Visiting the incredible hot springs in Pucon Chile – it’s unlike anything else!

Words or a quote you live by:

Everything always works out for us!




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