How to Turn on That Inner Sparkle

Having worked his way up the ranks with the likes of Annie Lennox and Jane Fonda, Karim Sattar has built his international reputation working as a make-up artist over the last years.

Now he shares his beauty tips at Dr. Hauschka. Founded in 1935 the company puts particular importance on creating products that are manufactured using a process that allows the preparation of plant extracts without the use of alcohol. Dr. Hauschka uses the finest natural ingredients and herb extracts to stimulate your skin’s natural functions and self-healing properties. 

Unlock your inner Sparkle 

“Make-up is all about creating and about an approach that works for you. There’s no right or wrong. 

Generally, if you need a bit more energy, I recommend [Dr. Hauschka’s] lemongrass body lotion and the illuminating powder for a natural glow, you just have to apply it in the center of the face, and all around the décolletage.

Why Make-up? 

Well, I initially started to train with hair, and many years I did hair, and I love to work creatively but I just got sick of hair. Then I started to do make-up. I knew that I love to do something with art and colours and knew that creating things was always something that I loved. Whenever I felt stressed I would draw and paint and then I would feel better. And make-up was very coincidental.

Most rewarding is the look in a woman’s eye when she sees herself for the first time. Not so much a celebrity but a regular woman, a normal consumer. The moment she would look into the mirrow and be ‘wow’. That for me is still a phenomenon and then this is just a compliment in itself. And that’s how I keep my job exciting on a daily basis. It’s a decision I make every morning and I did that this morning at 4.30 to meet you. [laughs]

I know some of the ground staff of Air Berlin and Lufthansa as I fly often. And I compliment them, not just to get an upgrade, sometimes that works though [laughs]. But I would give them tips about what compliments their eyes. And it makes a huge difference sometimes for them. I love to share. That’s where you have to differentiate between commercial make-up artists and very artistic ones that work mainly in fashion and on shows. I think the sharing has become a part of me. I don’t care, I like to share my expertise. I learn so many things every day from women or situations and then I can be the one that some other people might benefit from. 

Beauty is tolerance and respect and everything that you can’t describe what you feel in a person. There are so many shades in between. Beauty comes from the inside, no matter what great dress you wear or fantastic new eye shadow you wear, if you don’t have a beautiful soul… You have to love yourself in order to be beautiful, self-esteem makes people beautiful. I think every face I’ve met so far has something beautiful, it might be the lashes, could be a small detail in the face.

I think that whenever you start covering what you are supposed to enhance, there something goes wrong. I would look at my features and say, what could I enhance to look better and not what do I have to apply to cover. And that goes back to self-esteem.

An eye shadow should enhance your natural eye colour, so with blue eyes women often go for blue eye shadow. A lot of women think that makes their eyes look more blue, it’s wrong. In the end it’s like you have a blue present and you put a blue ribbon around it. It’s better to look at the opposite of your natural eye colour. So for blue eyes you use copper, bronze, reds… anything that has orange in it will let your eyes look more blue. Women with brown eyes again, can wear any type of colour, anything works. ” 

—Interviewed by Melie [This interview has been shortened. You can check out the full interview over at ] Photos:  Dr. Hauschka


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