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With Mané Virdee every woman can sparkle in sequins this year. I admire the BEAUTIFUL hand embellished pieces you create and they are made for everyday wear. Where did you get the idea for Mané Virdee?

MV: Thank you! Setting up my own brand was always on the agenda.  

You have worked with embroidery and embellished fashion trends in your previous job, what attracted you to this kind of embellished design?

MV: I kind of fell into doing embellishment in my previous job. I had previously spent more time working on pattern cutting and draping. It just turned out that I had a knack for embellishment! I love the process and the patience it requires. Sometimes to create the simplest looking details require complex techniques – to watch these ideas come to life whilst working with the craftsmen is amazing.

You divide your time between London and Delhi, how often do you travel back and forth and how do you make it work?

MV: I travel back and forth 2-3 times a year depending on my schedule and stay in Dehli for a couple of months at a time. Usually work around the fashion calender, which helps with the planning. 

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned during your career?

MV: Hmmm…So many…work life balance is key.

If you had to give some advice to women who want to integrate some diva-level sparkle into their own look, what are some rules for wearing really sparkly things.

MV: Don’t be afraid to mix it up. You’d often find me in sneakers, a sparkly skirt and an oversized jumper.


MV: I wish I could sing! not that it stops me singing aloud in public places.

Some words you live by?

MV: Be kind.


1 Stripes or Polka Dots MV: Stripes
2 George Clooney or Sean Connery MV:George
3 Sandals or Sneakers MV: Sneakers
4 Carrie or Samantha (SATC) MV: Miranda! (with Carrie’s clothes J)
5 Classic or Pop MV: Classic
6 Beach or Mountains MV: Beach
7 New York or Los Angeles MV: New York
8 Cocktails or Ice Cream MV: Both
9 Woody Allen or Francis Ford Coppola MV: Francis Ford Coppola
10 Sparkly or Simple MV: Sparkly! Always!


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