5 Australian Fashion Bloggers Who Will Inspire You to Sparkle More

When it comes to fashion advice and inspiration, who do you look to? Like most, we love reading fashion blogs to see the latest and greatest outfits from our favourite brands.

Today, we decided to round-up some of our most-loved Australian female bloggers who actually do more than just share their newest outfits with us. They inspire us to sparkle, both on the outside and from within!

  Australian Fashion Bloggers Sparkle Micah Gianneli

Micah Gianneli

From her perfectly illuminated cheekbones, to her bold approach to sparkly fashion details, there’s no denying Micah Gianneli is certainly one to watch. She’s not afraid to team a shiny, satin cami with a glistening gold choker. And she doesn’t shy away from dressing head-to-toe in shimmering gold. And when it comes to her jewellery choices? She’s a true sparkle girl at heart!


Sonia Styling Australian Fashion Blogger Sparkle

Sonia Styling

Sonia is an Adelaide based fashion lover who began her “blog for life and style with sparkle” in 2013. The website, titled Sonia Styling, is a cocktail of fashion, life, beauty and home content, all served-up in her signature sparkly style. Not only does she encourage us to embrace our true selves, but her on-point outfits and dose of down-to-Earth personality always has us coming back for more.

Australian Fashion Bloggers inspire us to Sparkle more K Is For Kani

K is for Kani

Connie Cao is the Melbourne based blogger behind K is for Kani and her feminine styling and wanderlust-inducing travels never fail to amaze us. When it comes to sequins, crystal embellishments, and glitter, this girl can’t do any wrong. She constantly motivates us to embrace our inner sparkle!

  Australian Fashion Bloggers inspire us to Sparkle more - How to Live

How Two Live

Jess and Stef are sisters from Australia who work as designers, creative directors, social media consultants and entrepreneurs. They also run the very popular blog, How Two Live, and their sparkly, eclectic, and downright incredible style has been taking the world by storm. As a result, the duo have since worked on many brand collaborations, even releasing their very own fashion lines. As their blog explains, “The How Two Live brand inspires people, young and old, to be whoever they want to be.”

  Australian Fashion Bloggers inspire us to Sparkle more Gary Pepper Girl

Gary Pepper Girl

Nicole Warne is the founder and talent behind Gary Pepper Girl and she is also one of the world’s leading digital influencers. Not only does her regular dose of sparkle (whether it be through glittering jewellery, statement bags, or sequin-clad dresses) inspire us, but her regular work for charity also influences others to dig deep and give where they can.

Who inspires you to sparkle more?




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