5 Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire You To Sparkle more this Year 

LEONIE HANNE (@ohhcouture)



WHY HIT “FOLLOW”: Leonie’s clear thirst for travel and fulfilling her wanderlust… in the most stylish and chic way… are inspiring to say the least. You’ll think her photos came straight from a Pinterest board. She’ll take you along as she travels from the bustling cities of Berlin and New York City to the green hillsides of Sri Lanka to the snowy alps of Austria and beyond. And that only covers the last 2 months of her feed. She also manages to epitomize the style of each place she travels and she has front row seats to every fashion week. She always achieves that chic topknot no matter where she is or how jetlagged she might be. Other blogger friends of hers include: Brittany Xavier of Thrifts and Threads, Xenia Van Der Woodsen of Xenia Overdose and Paola Alberdi of Blank Itinerary.

KAIT WARMAN (@kaitness)

LOCATION: Los Angeles


WHY HIT “FOLLOW”: You know Kait is our kind of girl once you read her Instagram bio where she admits her love for “all things sparkly”. Her sparkly jewelry, sunglasses and jackets aren’t the only things that will draw you to her feed. She’s currently the Co-Founder and Managing Director of KaitKat, a social media and creative content company, but the coveted position of luxury fashion buyer is also on her resume. She’s at the top of her game in the fashion, business and social media worlds. Kait’s collection of tailored jackets along with easy and trendy weekend wear is the model wardrobe for the girl bosses of the world. Follow her for the ultimate sparkle inspiration.

SCARLETT O’FASHION (@scarlettofashion)



WHY HIT “FOLLOW”: When you scroll through Scarlett’s feed, you’ll be taken through a style story. At first glance, it might seem like she’s a rock-and-roll loving blogger with an enviable collection of leather jackets and jumpsuits. However, with more scrolling, you’ll see how her style changes based on her location. She pulls off edgy leather jumpsuits just as well as she does boho maxi dresses. She’s a style renaissance women!

CLAUDIA VITORINO D’ALMEIDA (@uppereastsidestylist)



WHY HIT “FOLLOW”: When you have a disorganized and stressful day, stop by Claudia’s feed. It’s crisp and refreshing, which is exactly the inspiration needed on days like that. You get a little bit of everything with Claudia: style, food, beauty and travel. Her feed is dominated by white and other neutrals, but sprinkled with inviting patterns and hues of pastels. If you’re like me and feel most comfortable in neutrals, Claudia is the style icon to follow because she’s able to seamlessly incorporate color and pattern into her neutral-dominated life.

SARA DONALDSON (@harperandharley)

LOCATION: Australia


WHY HIT “FOLLOW”: Sara’s feed is a how-to guide for those who want effortless, relaxed style. As a lover of simplicity and minimalism, her black and white Instagram feed sprinkled with pops of blue speaks to my soul. Sara is proof that a wardrobe of neutrals is anything but dull. Her laidback personality shines through her wardrobe and she makes me want to immediately purchase every silk cami and silver piece of jewelry I can possibly get my hands on.

Let us know if you have any recommendations for sparkly personalities to follow on Instagram!

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