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One of the cool parts about this job is catching up with sparkly people who make your life shine inside or out. Recently I talked to Daniela Guido from ‘Style for Happiness’ who is helping busy women feel empowered & creative by focusing on developing their unique sense of style.

5 minutes with stylist Daniela Guido

What do you do: I´m the owner, ambassador of fabulous and online personal style consultancy SilverLining Stylist.

You do a course that’s called ‘Style for Happiness’ – I am intrigued.. Tell me more

My baby! Style for Happiness is an online course that I´ve created for a woman that is curious, likes fashion and would like to learn more about how to develop & maintain a sense of style. She wants to feel empowered and creative in her clothes.

We all want to look and feel beautiful, right? And clothing is the perfect way to give us that instant confidence boost. But the traditional rules about body shape, closet organization and color coordination can be so confusing and frustrating.

Forget about it! Style for Happiness is all about simplifying your closet, so you can enjoy putting outfits together, everyday.

Sparkle Talk: Daniela Guido Stylist - sparkly people & sparkle rules

Why do you work as a stylist and what do you enjoy most about it?

Growing up in Brazil, my favorite pastime was to help grandma design and tailor gorgeous clothes for my family. Because I had this loving and healthy relationship with fashion early on, my hobby has always been to guide my friends on how they can dress their best, effortlessly. Adding to that, I moved from Brazil to Mexico, Spain, England, Denmark, now I live in the Philippines, which broadened my perception of beauty and style.

One day, I decided to turn this hobby into a career, so I quit my corporate life, took a formal education in personal styling, and later founded SilverLining Stylist, an online style consultancy business.

The best part of my job is when I can inspire my clients to experiment with style, have a good time with fashion and turn their closet into a tool that brings happiness to their lives. Oh, I also enjoy been goofy and making they laugh.

Describe your style in three words: Individual, Comfortable, and Bubbly.  

Can you share any styling trends for spring/summer?

It´s true that it becomes challenging to look stylish when the temperatures and humidity hit hard. You might ask yourself: Is it more important to look fashionable or to stay cool? You can do both!

When it´s hot outside, I suggest choosing eye-catching cuts and modern prints to add interest and personality to your outfits.

At the moment, I´m loving these trends: Color Blocking, Mixed Prints and Asymmetric Shapes. They´re super feminine, dramatic and transmit confidence. Another way to add “cha-cha-cha” to your look is: embellishments!

What was your first job?

Corporate Communications Intern, while I was studying my bachelors. I worked so hard and my boss was never happy. 

Which talent would you like to have? Talking to animals. It´s a super power, though.

Your top sparkle rules: Sparkles can and should be worn during daytime and to not-so-fancy occasions. Bring your bling to run errands and go to the beach, if you want to. Never save an outfit or accessory to a special day. Everyday is a special day.

Wear as much sparkle as you feel like, but make sure that it doesn´t look cheap and tacky.

Quote I live by: Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.

Yay Or Nay

1 boots or sandals

2 dance or sleep

3 beach or mountains (both equaly)!)

4 manolos or choos

5 charlotte or samantha

6 indie or pop

7 Sydney or London (both!)

8 suits or entourage

9 champagne or prosecco

10 sparkles or simplicity

x, Melie


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