Love To Wear Boho Glam? Here’s Your Girl

Stephanie Good / Good as Gold Living Fashion Stylist / Sparkly Style

What happens when you mix the glitz and glamour of Studio 54, a distinctive eye and glitter dance parties. We find out.

One of the great parts about my work is talking to so many sparkly people that make your life shine inside and out. So today we shine a light on: Stephanie Good from Good As Gold Living

Enhance your natural beauty, reveal the glamorous goddess inside. How? Stephanie explains what it needs to glam up your style.

Star Sign Cancer (July 4th)

My style in three words? I don’t know if I can do it in only three. Imagine if Stevie Nicks and Dolly Parton had a daughter. That would be me. I go towards seventies, boho glam, studio 54 inspired styles.

Style Inspiration 

My favorite summer getaway: Well, I have a seven year old so that’s usually not an option. I would have to say anywhere that has sun, cold drinks, my friends and good music. You can make a good time anywhere you are.

If I wasn’t a stylist I would be: Well, I am also a makeup artist, which I love. I like all aspects of beauty. Except for hair. Do not trust me with your hair. I can’t seem to figure hair out. I can tell you what style would look the best with your outfit though, but after that you’re on your own.

My essential tips for dressing with sparkle is to not be afraid of it. If you are worried about standing out too much, add something sparkly to your outfit with shoes and accessories. Sparkly shoes and a great watch or necklace can add the perfect amount of interest to even a plain black dress.

The year that I was the most happy is when my son was born seven years ago. He’s seriously the most sparkle filled boy I’ve ever met. It’s such an unconditional love that I breathe better when he’s around me. I would have said my wedding day but most brides know that planning a wedding is stressful! I actually developed an ulcer from it. I’m lucky enough to have married a great man who put up with my madness though. (He still does).

The best thing about my job is making people feel good. A lot of people are afraid of style. It’s nice to be able to show women that you can look and feel great while being comfortable and not breaking the bank. I like the opportunity of being able to turn fashion naysayers into fashion lovers. It’s great to see people step out of their comfort zone.

My last sparkly purchase was a vintage silk and sequins caftan in black and gold. It’s pretty major. I have it on a mannequin in my bedroom.

Quote I live by: “Your graciousness is what carries you.  It isn’t how old you are, how young you are, how beautiful you are, or how short your skirt is. What it is, is what comes out of your heart. If you are gracious, you have won the game”- Stevie Nicks

Heels or flats — heels. The higher the better. I would live in the highest wedges I can get my hands on if I could. However, every girl needs a couple great pairs of flats.

Yoga or body attack — Yoga, but I’m terrible at it.

Beach or mountains — Beach.  I love the sand but not the water. I’m deathly afraid of sharks.

Sparkly or simple — For the love of god just let me wear all the sparkle. All the sparkle, all the time.

Carrie or Samantha — I have always been and will forever be a Carrie girl.

Rock or classic — Put them together. I’m a classic rock and old country gal. I named my son Cash after Johnny Cash.

Paris or New York — Paris. The land of the best bread ever. Basically give me all the sparkles and bread in the world and I’ll be one happy girl.

Book or movie — I’m a huge believer in books. Holding a book and being able to smell the pages while drinking a cup of coffee is heaven.

Champagne or aperol sprizz — Champagne. Who can be mad holding a glass of champagne. No one, that’s who.

Woody Allen or Francis Ford Coppola — Francis Ford  Coppola. I think some people get Woody Allen and some don’t. I don’t. Plus I love the work of Francis’s daughter Sofia. Her directorial debut of The Virgin Suicides is beyond words.

You can meet Stephanie here:

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