Swarovski Elements are a key ingredient in our range of jewelled sandals, so naturally we don’t want to miss the chance to highlight the beloved crystals, that we use to decorate our sandals. We adore the innovative, stylish and glamorous collections that are released by the brand every season. 

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One of our favourite jewellery collections the brand launched was for James Bond’s 007 Skyfall movie. This comes as no surprise as the Swarovski house has worked on costumes for the Bond Films for decades. The collection was created by British Jewellry Designer Stephen Webster. Here is an extract from an interview he gave for the launch of the collection. Stephen Webster is a magician of precious, magnificent dark and statement designs, with a client list that reads like a Who’s Who of today’s rock stars.

Let’s hear his thoughts about the James Bond myth and about how the cooperation started:

Over the 35 years history of Bond films, there have been without question some highs and lows. Everyone has a favourite and least favourite Bond. Villains hamming it up like pantomime dames and plot lines with more holes than an Edam cheese. None the less we all secretly anticipate with some excitement the latest glam romp, hiding under a sheer gossamer of a tale of espionage. Way ahead of the game we know who will be playing Mr Bond, but that first scene introducing the latest Bond girl has to be the single consistent high point. 

Love Knot: clear and black crystals in a Swarovski exclusive hand set technique as an eternal symbol of love.
With that in mind you can only imagine how we felt when Swarovski asked us to work in collaboration with them and design all the Jewellery for the then yet to be identified latest femme (stop it, James) fatale.
On the first meeting in the area dedicated to the making of all Bond films at Pinewood studios, we met with the costumier Jany Temime, producer Barbara Broccoli, and the creative team behind the movies. Only given at that stage a verbal description of the entry scene, a Casino in Macau and the dress, which would have a sheer back with a Swarovski crystal tattoo pattern, we knew then that this SKYFALL Bond girl was going to be ours. Many meetings later and a cannily gradual completion of the complete picture we saw the first stills of the character: Severine, played by the super sexy French actress Bérénice Marlohe.
In total we designed and made 7 pieces for different outfits, even a piece for the outfit-less but inevitable shower scene.
Is it true that Swarovski can create a crystal of any shape, cut and colour you’d need for your design as a jeweller?
Yes, they can make anything. We’ve been working with their creative team in London a lot over last ten years, including some interesting projects such as printing images on crystals to create jewelled invites. They also have such an incredibly vast collection covering almost any shape, size, colour you can imagine; you will always find something that works.
What materials, briefings, ideas, costumes, or maybe excerpts of the film script have you been given in order to create jewellery for a fictitious “customer”?
The film was highly confidential; we received a description of the leading lady, an outline of her background and the scenes we needed to make pieces for. We worked closely with their wardrobe department and the Swarovski team, meeting and talking regularly so even though the clothes were still being created we knew we were on the same page and outfits and jewellery would work together. We were lucky as the team loved our jewellery and felt it was a great match for the characters personality. We created pieces that exuded glamour with the Stephen Webster edge. It’s strange designing for fictional characters…. But – wow – a Bond Girl.. Our perfect client: seductive, glamourous, beautiful, dangerous… The perfect match!
And, finally: Who are your favourite Bond villain, Bond girl and location?
The villains: Rosa Klebb (FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE); the Korean henchman Oddjob (GOLDFINGER). The favourite Bond girl: Pussy Galore (Honor Blackman) 

—Interviewed by Nath Fedorova (Writer of Green Beauty & Lifestyle Blog Beautycalypse)

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