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Release your inner happy - Byron Bay Escape Rainforest Retreat

Release your inner ‘happy’

Sparkly Getaways: Wellness & Yoga Retreats in Australia 

Maintaining a healthy and happy mindset, beautiful skin and radiance starts from the inside out. Unwind, rejuvenate and catch up with your best girlfriends at these sensational wellness and yoga retreats. Here’s our 

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Make Your Summer Wedding Sparkle with Swarovski Crystals

With winter coming to a close, wedding season is finally on the horizon. If you’re planning your big day or helping someone you care about plan theirs, you know there are countless decor decisions to be made. Beyond color selection, there are plenty of extra little touches that take a wedding over the top and adding Swarovski crystals is one such memorable detail.

Sparkling Summer Wedding Ideas 

Sparkling Summer Wedding Ideas Decorations Crystals

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Drowned Ice-cream


What do an Affogato and a Sparkly Eyeshadow palette have in common?

I write this whilst sipping on a flavourful Italian Affogato. It’s late afternoon and to me, this beauty of a drink just goes hand in hand with my idea of summer sparkle. You don’t know what an Affogato is? It’s neither coffee nor ice-cream – but a delicious combination of both.

Anyone who knows me, knows that ice cream is my all-time favourite dessert. After the name itself – The word affogato means “drowned” in Italian. Essentially I am currently drowning a VERY large chunk of delicious vanilla ice-cream in small cup of coffee.

Now that we talked about a summer essentials that make you sparkle from the inside, let’s move to my summer beauty file.

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How To Get Your Feet Beach Ready This Summer

Get ready for a lesson in beautifying your feet. This is one sparkle routine you don’t want to miss.

Summer sparkle palm tree black and white 

Correct me if I’m wrong but feet are not necessarily our favourite body part, right? There are days when we don’t even notice them whilst they’re being hugged by our favourite Ugg boots. Though we should not forget when they hit the spotlight in summer. And whilst they certainly are never (and I mean, never) will head up my top 3 list of most attractive body parts, they certainly deserve a little attention so they can feel sexy and confident in summer. After all, we all want our feet to feel as pretty and sparkly as the shoes we’re wearing, right?
So voilà, check out my top 5 tips to get “beach ready feet”.

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