Make Your Summer Wedding Sparkle with Swarovski Crystals

With winter coming to a close, wedding season is finally on the horizon. If you’re planning your big day or helping someone you care about plan theirs, you know there are countless decor decisions to be made. Beyond color selection, there are plenty of extra little touches that take a wedding over the top and adding Swarovski crystals is one such memorable detail.

Sparkling Summer Wedding Ideas 

Sparkling Summer Wedding Ideas Decorations Crystals

No matter your style, crystals will fit the occasion; they work well with both traditional and modern tastes. If you know that you want your wedding to sparkle, but aren’t sure where to start we can help. Here are some eye-catching options to get your creativity flowing.


Sparkling Summer Wedding Decorations with Crystals

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An obvious place to add some glitz and sparkle is in the centerpieces. Whether you’re planning on having elaborate flower centerpieces or less conventional adornment, adding in a dash (or a heavy dose) of Swarovski crystal sparkle transforms your pieces into something extra special.


Sparkling Summer Wedding Decorations Flower Bouquet Kingen Smith

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Sprinkling some glimmer into the bridal bouquets is another striking touch. There are many different takes on the idea of sparkling wedding decorations. You may choose to add gems or even Swarovski crystals to the blooms themselves or you may want to attach them in a more subtle manner by adorning the handle. For all out glamor, why not carry a bouquet made entirely of crystals?


Sparkling Wedding Ideas Cake Monogram Crystals

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Swarovski Crystals Wedding Decorations Monograms

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How better to celebrate your union than to illuminate your initials for all to see? There are many ways to create add a twinkling monogram. You may opt for some small crystal initials for your cake top or adorn some super-sized characters to use as part of an elaborate backdrop. Swarovski is synonymous with glamour and luxury. No surprise women everywhere love to add a little touch of luxury with fine alluring Swarovski crystals to make their special wedding day even more magical.

There are so many ways to incorporate some flash into your festivities and wedding decor. You can go with small ethereal touches or over-the-top allure. Either way, the effect is sure to be unforgettable.

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