How Start Shoe Brand On A Shoestring Italy
How Start Shoe Brand On A Shoestring Italy


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Need business guidance? Book a Shoe Business Consultant. It’s that easy.


45-MINUTE STARTER” Q&A – Book a shoe business consultant! 

Did you always want to start a shoe line or have an idea but are just not sure how to develop it into a business?

Imagine having a shoe business consultant on call to answer any questions you have. Now you do.

Sadly, there’s no guidebook for starting out.

Every business is different.

There are so many types of shoes, qualities, and materials.

There are so many ways to market and sell them.

The good news: we can help you answer your burning questions and help analyze if your idea is viable and give you advice.

Starting out in the shoe business there are so many challenges to overcome. Maybe you have a lack of business knowledge, small budgets to work with or simply no industry contacts to shoe factories and manufacturers. Starting out without any of this knowledge can not just be time consuming but also very costly (I speak from experience!). I have walked in your shoes and know what it’s like to start out without industry contacts. I know what it’s like to work with limited budgets. And I know how difficult it is not to have anyone to bounce your ideas off.

As you may know, I have started my shoe label 3 years ago and wrote some articles about my journey, experience and the shoe production process in Italy. After that I got literally flooded with questions and support requests from people around the globe that want to start their own shoe or bag brand. I am so happy to see how many ambitious “creators” want to set up their own shoe line and I would be so happy to help where ever I can.

But I just can’t answer all the emails and questions. And what’s more – the requests are so specific and different, it always takes time to give quality feedback.

Therefore I had the idea to offer a 1:1 starter Q&A where you can ask me all the questions you have regarding your future shoe business venture. I think this is the most pragmatic and individual way to exchange helpful information.

Our shoe business consultant “45-minute starter” Q&A includes but is not limited to the following:

A 45 minute chat via skype or whatsapp phone call where we can chat about these topics:

  • how to set up your shoe line
  • marketing, branding and packaging advice
  • advice on how to produce shoes in Italy
  • budget and cost planning
  • shoe line planning
  • viability of the idea
  • footwear industry contacts and insights (as far as available) 
  • marketing ( I have 10+ years consumer goods and luxury experience )
  For assistance email us, we’d love to help!

2 reviews for 45-MINUTE STARTER” Q&A

  1. Madeleine

    Thank you so much for all you help, support (and patience…)!

  2. Barbara

    Mel was a great help in all aspects! Without her, I would have never been able to kick-start my shoe brand so quickly. Always reliable and motivating. I am so grateful for all her help.
    Barbara M., Melbourne

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